Our Areas of Business

  • Communications
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management 
  • Finance

Our Areas of Technology

  • Digital Content & Social Media
  • Web Content Management & Analytics
  • Search Engine SEO & SEM
  • Mobile & Remote Working
  • Enterprise Collaboration & Ideation
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Accounting & Relational Databases

Business Services and Solutions 
... with a difference ...

Running your own business has its many advantages yet only a few will appreciate your hard work and the changes in life style that was needed to make your business a success. 

Even fewer will appreciate how trading conditions continually shift presenting you with a myriad of challenges that need fast yet effective solutions if growth is to continue.

Your task on hand may be complex such as; increasing customer traction, product innovation, leveraging the online and social media landscapes or simply what best of breed technology fits your business objectives. 

These are the areas that we can provide the help and expertise needed.

What We do

Some might say business consultants with technology expertise but that’s not quite how we see it. Sure we can do analysis and strategy but that's not the complete picture.

We see ourselves as a business services provider. In other words, you have problem, we find the solution then roll up our sleeves to provide you with an extra pair hands when they’re needed most. 

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