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PHONE SURVEY - Start here...

First off a big THANKS! for taking a few minutes to complete our survey. 

Our aim is to get a better understanding of how people use and manage information on their phones or as the case might be if they don't which is equally as important. 

The survey is completely anonymous and at no point do we collect directly or indirectly information that can identify the respondent. You have our word!

After filling the details please click on the SUBMIT button and again thanks for your time.

  What type of mobile do you primarily use?:  Android
 Not Sure
  What is the make of your phone, i.e. Apple, Samsung, Blackberry?:
  Do you use your phone to manage WORK related information i.e. Web Sites, Docs?:  Yes
  If you answered "YES/SOMETIMES", select the types of content you use for Work:  Emails
 Web Links
 QR or Barcodes
  If you chose "Other" please complete:
  Do you use your phone to manage your LIFESTYLE info i.e. Hobbies, Entertainment?:  Yes
  If you answered "YES/SOMETIMES", please select the types of content:  Social Networks
 Web Links
 Audio & Video
 Shopping Codes
  Do you create short notes, reminders for work or play using your phone?:  Yes
  Do you create or edit complete documents, papers using your phone?:  1. Create and Edit Documents
 2. Often Edit Documents
 3. Sometimes Edit Documents
 4. Never Create or Edit Documents
  When using your phone what are the limitations to creating or editing content?:  Amount of Memory
 Screen Size
 Using the Keyboard
 I don't use my phone for content.
  Add a comment if you would like to create/edit more but can't i.e Software etc.:
  When storing information on your phone do you?:  Use the phone's default folders
 Create my own so I know where to find things
 I don't store information on my phone.
  Please select your age group:  Less than 20 Years
 20 - 30 Years
 30 - 50 Years
 50 plus

After completing your answers please click on the above SUBMIT button.
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